Top 10 tips for a good balanced diet

balanced diet

Our diet is often too rich compared to our needs, which depend on the physical activity provided during the day, but also on gender and age. To put it more simply: we often eat more than we move! As a general rule, to respect the quantitative food balance, one meal is sufficient when the feeling of satiety is reached. To put it more simply: we stop eating when we are no longer hungry (and we admit it to ourselves with sincerity, especially at dessert time…)!

Nutrition advice n°2: eat 3 to 4 times a day

Some eat little in the morning and a lot in the evening. Others nibble at lunch… What exactly should be done? So that the food balance is well distributed between the different meals:

Breakfast should ideally count for 20 to 25% of daily energy intake.

Lunch represents between 40 to 45%.

Dinner covers between 25 to 30%.

If you take a snack, the energy intake of dinner should be reduced to 15-20%.

It’s also a good way to avoid strokes! Speaking of which, skipping meals is never recommended, especially breakfast. This leads to taking a larger meal at noon. And then in the morning, it’s good to fill up on energy!

 Nutrition advice n°3: balance your plate

It must be made up of a third of vegetables, a third of cereal and starchy products (potatoes, pasta, rice, wheat, semolina, corn, pulses, etc.) and a third of vegetable or animal proteins (meat, egg, fish, tofu…).

Namely: it is necessary to ensure that the quantity of accompaniment is greater than that of the animal product.

 Nutrition advice n°4: eat a variety of foods

All foods are necessary for our health. Eating a bit of everything while varying the pleasures is the key to a balanced diet: alternate meat and fish, fresh produce and frozen meals (homemade if possible). It even allows the pastry without complex from time to time!

 Nutrition advice n°5: we allow ourselves a snack

Do you have a little peckish? Eat! A small snack is not prohibited, provided it does not turn into a meal. A piece of fruit or dairy is enough to quell hunger (let’s be honest!) and won’t upset your nutritional balance. 

Yes, we avoid processed products as much as possible in our diet. They are low in nutrients, high in fats, salt, sugars and additives. Not to mention that it’s so good, a homemade dish! And you don’t have to be a cordon bleu to enjoy yourself…

 Nutrition advice n°7: we prefer healthy cooking

Opting for steam cooking means preserving the vitamins of vegetables. So if we can, we favor this method of cooking! Otherwise, be careful not to add too much fat to brown your onions (for example!), simmer your dishes or cook your meat and fish in a frying pan. Besides, it’s good when it’s just grilled!

 Nutrition advice n°8: limit salt

Salt consumption should remain below 5g per day (the equivalent of one teaspoon of salt per day); 2g for children. Where are you with that?

Nutrition advice n°9: we respect the time of the meal

For better digestion, devote at least 20 minutes to each meal and take the time to chew well. A good gesture: put down your fork at each bite… or tell your day! Talking can be good.

 Nutrition advice n°10: drink enough

It is essential to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. This quantity is increased without hesitation in the event of strong heat, more intense physical activity or illness.

Afterwards, don’t worry, it goes much faster than you think: did you know that this represents about 6 glasses of 10 average sips, to be spread over the day. Easy, seen like that, right? And water can be consumed in many ways: hot drinks, juice, broth… Sodas, which are too high in sugar, should be consumed in moderation.

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What advice are you going to start with? Do you have any others for a good balanced diet? Share them with us in the comments.



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