Does Testosterone Play a Role in Male Fertility? Evan Bass Men’s Clinic: An Overview

Evan Bass Men’s Clinic

Being the primary sex hormone, testosterone plays a crucial role in forming the male reproductive system. While most individuals have a general idea of how testosterone is associated with the sexual health of men, the physicians of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic consider understanding its role in fertility is not so simple. Accordingly, they focus on an overview of the subject.

The Role of Hormones

Hormones act just like chemical messengers in order to transport varied signals between organs through the bloodstream. They control different functions such as metabolism, reproduction, and growth in human bodies. Testosterone is among the vital hormones, especially in a male’s life, and has responsibilities including the growth of primary sex characteristics like reproductive organs and genitalia as well as secondary sex characteristics such as voice, muscle mass, and bone density apart from controlling sex libido and the production of sperm.

Does Low Testosterone Impact on Male Fertility?

In fact, low testosterone (Low-T) levels do not necessarily lead to male infertility. Men having low testosterone can have the ability to generate healthy sperm and make a partner get conceived. However, low testosterone levels may affect fertility indirectly causing lessened sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and negligible sperm count.

Low testosterone in males can caused by different factors related to medical, natural, and lifestyle including:

  • Aging
  • Obesity
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Infection and injury in testis
  • Overconsumption of alcohol and smoking

A Solution: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Aka androgen replacement therapy TRT acronym of testosterone replacement therapy has been popularized to treat low testosterone levels, regardless it is an outcome of aging, a medical condition, or an unhealthy lifestyle. Having TRT from reputable medical clinics like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic can help men with low T to get back to the normal balance of testosterone and find a dramatic change in their sexual performance. Apart from recouping the lost energy level and muscle mass, TRT can improve sperm health and treat ED. The treatment plan of TRT is customized based on the issues of an individual while bringing change in the lifestyle as recommended by the physicians is essential to make it truly work.

Does High Testosterone Cause Male Infertility?

Again, there is a vast misconception that higher levels of testosterone in males make them more virile. However, in reality, having the right balance of testosterone is critical to let it function productively. Therefore, men who experience infertility may be diagnosed to have too high level of testosterone.

Medically termed as hypergonadism, high testosterone can be caused by certain health as well as medical conditions, such as

  • Consumption of anabolic steroids
  • Infections in the testicles
  • Autoimmune disorder
  • Testicular cancer
  • Genetic reason

Although it may sound strange, abnormally increased level of testosterone in men not only affect sperm production but their health as well, especially in those who consume steroids or supplements. This can impact inversely on libido, cause ED, and lead to infertility.

Although infertility in men may not be necessarily the cause of low testosterone, it is nothing strange and widely experienced. Therefore, people who undergo such episodes, make sure to consult with experts in medical settings like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic.



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