12 Step Programs: 12 Steps to Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction Rehabilitation

12-step programs are effective peer support networks that aid in the recovery from behavioral addictions, substance use disorders, and occasionally other co-occurring mental health illnesses. Twelve-step programs aid in achieving and maintaining drug abstinence.

The 12-step aa program: what is it?

This model’s fundamental tenet is that while individuals can support one another in achieving and maintaining abstinence from substances of abuse, healing cannot occur until those who suffer from addictions submit to a higher power. This higher power does not necessarily have to be the classic Christian conception of God; it might be anything as basic as the 12-step fellowship, the cosmos, or another higher power appropriate to your particular brand of spirituality.

For many people, the 12-Step movement can be a strong and beneficial force, but some people have trouble with what they perceive as a significant religious component of the program. Several treatment facilities provide this alternative for alcohol withdrawal and abstinence.

The 12-steps of AA

The 12 Steps are as follows, according to the original Big Book and AA:

  • Accepting defeat in the face of the addiction.
  • Having faith in a higher power (in whatever form) to provide assistance.
  • Choose to give the greater authority control.
  • Making an inventory of oneself.
  • Acknowledging one’s wrongdoings to a higher authority, to oneself, and to another person.
  • Being willing to ask the higher power to mend any flaws in one’s character and asking the higher power to do so.
  • Keeping a note of the wrongs you’ve done to other people and being prepared to right those wrongs.
  • Reaching out to those who have suffered harm, unless doing so would put the person in danger.
  • Keeping a personal inventory going and owning up to mistakes.
  • Using prayer and meditation to achieve enlightenment and establish a connection with a higher power.
  • Spreading the 12 Steps’ message to those who are in need.


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